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*Via Crooked Media, 

If Republicans win, they will:

  1. Take health insurance away from 20 million Americans;

  2. Pack the courts with more lifetime-appointed right-wing judges that could do things like overturn Roe v. Wade;

  3. Deport more children and families who’ve lived here their entire lives;

  4. Give Trump a blank check to do whatever the fuck he wants;

  5. Shut down the Mueller investigation for good.

If Democrats win, they can:

  1. Stop Trump from passing any more legislation or appointing any more judges;

  2. Protect the Affordable Care Act, and expand Medicaid in some states;

  3. Investigate the most corrupt White House in history;

  4. Pass automatic voter registration, set a $15 minimum wage, protect a woman’s right to choose, or give ex-felons the right to vote in states that have ballot initiatives or Democratic-controlled State Houses;

  5. Draw new congressional districts that aren’t gerrymandered, so that Democrats don’t have a map that sucks this bad ever again.

LWVK voter card fullsize letter.jpg
LWVK voter card fullsize letter.jpg
The numbers: While 52% of those earning above $150,000 a year voted in 2014, only 1 in 4 of those earning less than $10,000 did. Not only that, but these class gaps are magnified by age. Turnout among 18- to 24-year-old voters who earn less than $30,000 was 12% in 2014. Turnout among voters over 65 who earn more than $150,000 was nearly four times higher, at 65%.
— Mic Network Inc

The Kent State College Democrats